Wüsthof kitchen knives represent the excellence of German craftsmanship and are aimed at all those for whom cooking is synonymous with passion, precision and perfection.

Wüsthof has been a family business for seven generations and is now run by Viola and Harald Wüsthof.

The origins of the Wüsthof company date back to 1814. In that year, Abraham Wüsthof established his factory for "fine steel products" on a simple farm. Today, this small farm is internationally renowned and is considered one of the most modern knife factories in the world!

Wüsthof produces exceptional knives that are known worldwide for their high quality. The "Made in Germany" seal, combined with impeccable quality and robustness, has enabled Wüsthof to establish its reputation and to export its knives to more than 80 countries around the world today.

Recognized by the famous trident on the blade, these knives are forged from a single piece of special hardened steel with a high carbon content to ensure strength and durability. Thanks to PETec technology, they are precision-sharpened for sharpness and cutting power, so that everyone can enjoy cooking.

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